Date syrup/Molasses is a natural and highly nutritious ingredient for numerous food and beverage industries. Like whole dates and other date products, date syrup has many nutritional benefits. Healthy replacement of any syrup or sweetener.Date Syrup can replace any syrup or sweetener in your household.
It is the optimal 100% natural Syrup.
Date Syrup contains more nutrients and minerals compared to Maple Syrup and Honey.
– Delicious Natural Sweetener for beverages, energy bars, baby food, and baked goods.
– Enhanced flavoring for date milk, shakes, yogurts, ketchup, BBQ sauces, other molasses, and syrups.
– Drizzle over pancakes, waffles, porridge, and salads.
– The healthy alternative to commercial honey and sugary syrup.
– Cosmetic use in the form of face masks and hair masks.

It can be used in various industries like the bakery industries for processing various baked goods, like the ice cream industries, milk & juice industries.
Date syrup is the best alternative to not only sugar but even other natural sweeteners.

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