Established 2010 in Ras Al Khaimah – United Arab Emirates, dealing in the
ROASTING AND PACKING SUNFLOWER SEEDS & NUT, DATES and DRY FRUITS. Also Import & export of sunflower seeds, nuts, and dates. 

KOCH & ALI FZ LLC prides itself as one of the leaders in the industry. 

Our habit is a quality. 

Once you are with KOCH & ALI FZ LLC, all your requirements will be taken care of with precision. Our experts with the global exposure of more than a decade will know exactly what you require and how to get it to you in the most convenient and affordable manner possible.

Be is sunflower seeds, nuts or dates, all our products are selected based on their quality.
Only the highest quality is going through us!

Category of Products We Deal With:
 – Sunflowers seeds (Black & White)
 – Nuts (Peanut, Pistachio, Cashew nut, Almond, Chickpeas and else)
 – Dates (Ajwa, Sagai, Khudri, Sukkary, Sawafi and else) 
 – Date Syrup / Molasses 

When you are with KOCH & AL FZ LLC, you will know that we deliver what we promise. 
All requirements are fulfilled on time and in accordance with your expectations!

Best Regards, 
KOCH team.